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Dermal Fillers for Columbus

Trusted Smiles Dental Care Offers Facial and Cosmetic Therapy

mother and daughterDermal fillers help patients eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and have fuller features throughout the face. Unlike other types of cosmetic injectables, dermal fillers feature a thicker material that works deep in your muscles and facial tissues. Fillers work at a deeper level than muscle relaxers such as botulinum.

The Perfect Touch

Fillers are made of sterile, no-animal acids and are used on a person-by-person basis. Just the perfect amount of fillers is needed to accomplish perfect results — no more, no less. Trusted Smiles Dental Care will typically complete your dermal filling procedure, with or without BOTOX®, and then have you come back in two weeks for any minor adjustments, as needed.

Long-lasting Results

Initially, dermal fillers last about 3-6 months. The more treatments you’ve had, the longer they begin to last. After the first couple of treatments, most patients do not need a re-treat except for once per year.

Better than Permanent Treatments

Some people are more inclined to have permanent surgeries or facial implants done to provide longer-lasting results. Unfortunately, these don’t always age with our face, which changes year by year. People who see the best results from dermal fillers are typically those with mild to moderate wrinkles and facial folds.

Please review your medical history with us, as very rare allergies may be a contraindication for dermal filler treatments.

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