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Discount Dental Plan

Individual Dental Plans vs. Our Affordable Plan

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Have you ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”? You have to question why those plans are so cheap. If you only pay them $10/month that’s $120 per year. Cheap right! Of course it is!

You have probably also heard the saying, “if it sounds to good to be true, then it is to good to be true”. You have to wonder, if you are only paying them $120-$160/yr and they have to pay out their maximum of $500-1500/yr. Would they make money? The answer is no. So what they do is make up terms that limit you to less and less. They actually hope you don’t use it.

They limit everything: exams, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride, crowns, dentures, fillings, etc. They don’t cover cosmetic dentistry like veneers. They also do another trick, it’s call the infamous alternative benefit clause. They will say they cover everything at a certain percentage but when they go to pay, they will say, another procedure that was cheaper should have been done and we will only pay based on that cheaper procedure! What’s worse is when they say they cover everything at 100%.

Don’t be fooled! You only paid them $120 or even $160 per year. Why would they want to pay out more than what you paid them?

Our Cost Effective Plan

We charge $39/month with a credit card and a 1 year commitment required. We provide NO LIMITS care! We want you to see us and take care of your teeth. We believe that prevention is worth every ounce! We will provide all prescribed exams, x-rays, cleanings and fluoride for FREE. If our dentist says you need three cleanings, you get three cleanings for FREE. Then after 1 year you will get all dental procedures at a 50% discount from our regular fees! All procedures must be done in our offices.

No deductibles, No maximums. No limitations. This includes cosmetic dentistry like veneers! Any service we provide in our office is covered!

Enjoy these substantial savings and sign your family up today!

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